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 IBFA World Championship 2006

 (USA vs Europe)    
Las Vegas USA 18th November


Location: Palace Station Hotel & Resort

Participating Countries: France, Italy, Slovenia & USA


Menís Masters 60 & Over Division
1st Place Ramos Adre France

Menís Masters 50-59 Division
1st Place Alfredo Bennardo Italy
2nd Place Steven Davis USA
3rd Place Don Dawson USA
4th Place Rob Carbo USA
5th Place Peter Huddleston USA

Menís Masters 40-49 Division
1st Place Eric Orrao France
2nd Place Luca Convertini Italy
3rd Place Roberto Santarpia Italy
4th Place Mario Cutro Italy
5th place Danny Riedel USA

Menís Masters Overall Champion
Eric Orrao France

Womenís Figure Division

Short Class
1st Place Federica Ortu Italy
2nd place Futaba Takashima USA

Tall Class
1st Place Mariangela Picardi Italy
2nd place Laura Brown USA
3rd Place Marianna Masillo Italy

Womenís Figure Overall Champion
Mariangela Picardi Italy

Womenís Bodybuilding Division
1st Place Julia Huddleston USA

Heavyweight Division
1st Place Brigita Brezovac Slovenia
2nd Place Romana Holc Slovenia

Womenís Bodybuilding Overall Champion
Brigita Brezovac Slovenia

Menís Bodybuilding Division
Lightweight Division
1st Place Zmago Karner Slovenia
2nd Place Jimmie Wilson USA
3rd Place Jacques Mercadal USA
4th Place Eric Lipton USA

Middleweight Division
1st Place Umberto Montalto Italy
2nd Place Marchello Rossano Italy
3rd Place Ciriello Gilberto Italy
4th Place Robi Kolar Slovenia
5th Place Robert Linkul USA

Heavyweight Division
1st Place Dusko Madzarovic Slovenia
2nd Place Alessio Bonaccorsi Italy
3rd Place Jean-Christopher Ederle France
4th Place Vincenzo Trezza Italy
5th Place Bostjan Renko Slovenia
6th Place Nicolas Morton - France

Menís Bodybuilding Overall Champion
Dusko Madzarovic Slovenia

Mixed Pairs Division
1st Place Brigita Brezovac
Zmago Karner Slovenia
2nd Place Romana Holc
Robi Kolar Slovenia
3rd Place Futaba Takashima
Jimmie Wilson USA

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Miss Shape
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Miss Body
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 Over 50
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Over 40
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 Miss Fitness
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 Mariangela Picardi
Overall Winner
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Dusko Madzarovich 
Overall Winner
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Medium Class
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Tall Class
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