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President of I.B.F.A. : Biagio Filizola

In 1958 Steve Reeves and mythological films were the fashion in Italy, the native soil of Biagio Filizola. The young Biagio, scarcely out of high school (the Augusteo, Salerno), had a showing of the film "THE LABOURS OF HERCULES". That evening, the physique of Steve Reeves came to him as an astounding revelation. He had never seen anything similar, certainly not in the illustrations to school texts of the Iliad or the Odyssey. From that moment he had the confirmation that the human body can be perfected in appearance and powers. The only obstacles were the want of suitable equipment and knowledge of an appropriate system of training. Biagio did not give up, and immediately began to construct rudimentary weights with sand and cement. He learnt the rudiments of training from the pages of American magazines. Thus began a passion still undimmed today. A couple of years later, having gained the diploma of the ISEF and started as a teacher of physical education, Biagio opened his first gym. In 1971 he began to organise the historic Mister Italia contests at Sapri.

Competing summer 2004

Biagio Filizola 1958

Oscar Heidenstam Award 2005
at Marriot Hotel in London to Biagio Filizola

With John Citrone

        With Tom Platz

Biagio and family

Ambassador Award

1999    Henry J. Atkin  (USA)   
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2001    Ivan Dunbar     (N.Ireland - UK)        
2002    Wag & Dianne Bennett    (England)       
2003    Bob Kennedy     (England & Canada)      
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2005    Biagio Filizola         (Italy) 
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