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Over the years the AIC sponsored athletes at international competitions of the NABBA, WABBA, WPF and AAU, but the politics and in-fighting in these organizations often affected the sporting activity, so in 1988 the AIC cancelled these collaborations and began a battle for independent bodybuilding.  After long consultations with English, Belgian, French and other promoters, the first Mr. Europa Open was developed in 1997 in Sapri.  Since then English, French, Belgian, Yugoslav, German and Italian athletes have participated in this competition.  Among the highest level of competitiors were such men as the famous John Citrone.
   The following year, after the success of the second competition, the French delegate from the ACF, Michel Gauthier, won his first Monsieur Monde in Auxerre in 1998.  The English organizers Roger Noon and Niall Morgan brought athletes to the first two contests and because of this, Italian and French teams attended the Pendle Valley and Mr. London competitions. Delegates to the Monsieur Monde contest in 1999 from France, Netherlands, England, Morocco, Algeria and Cameroon gratefully acknowledged Biagio Filizola as the leader of world independent bodybuilding.
   Continuing the crusade for transparency and independence, it was decided to form a new international association; thus, the IBFA, The International Bodybuilding and Fitness Association was born. The first competitions of the new association have been great successes.  The level of competitors in the Pendle Valley International near Manchester in April was unprecedented.  In addition, the number of competitors who participated in the second IBFA Mr. Europa in Sapri bodes well for the continuation of the association.

1998 Auxerre France

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